Announcing Federal Workers Stress Relief Class

Free of charge to all federal workers who are working without pay or furloughed Click above to reserve the class spaces that work for you. You will be asked to fill out information to sign in. This is so that we have your contact information.


Personal Training

We make sure that you get the attention you need in your training. You will work with a personal trainer in a class, private, or semi-private sessions.

Massage Therapy

A capable Massage Therapist promotes muscle health by manipulating soft tissue for optimal mobility and function.

Seniors Fitness

Specifically designed for those who are “experienced in life”, taking into consideration the effects changes due to aging, to enhance health, strength, and balance and enable a greater quality of life. 

Performance Enhancement

Whether you want to improve your performance in organized or individual sports, our highly skilled and trained professionals can work with you to reach your goals, with added attention corrective exercise and injury prevention.

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is a self-administered treatment beneficial for myofascial tissues. Recommended between Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy sessions.



Special classes in a variety of subjects such as essential oils, advanced foam rolling and stretching techniques, nutrition, to help our clients and others learn more about health and wellness.