Self Defense Session I

Self-Defense Session I

Dates: January 7 – January – February 2

Times: Tues and Fri, 6:00; Saturday, 11:30

Where: Louisville Strength and Endurance, 1017 E Broadway

Audience: Females ages 13 – adult (waiver required from Guardian for those under 18)

If confronted, would you know how to take care of yourself? Would you see it coming? Would you freeze? Would you ‘freak out”? Or would you have a good idea of what to do?

This class will help you begin to understand what to do and why you should it. You will learn to address the basics of self-defense: awareness, fears, gross protective movements, as well stressing that *you have a right to protect yourself*, plus many other aspects of self-defense. It is held 3 days per week so that you can learn and practice as much as possible in a controlled setting. Session I addresses basics. At the end of this class you will feel more confident in going to your car alone (or when not to go alone). There will be a second session if there is an interest from this class.

Teresa Saborsky – trained in the Shaolin system of martial arts, part of which focused on basic self defense. Teresa has taught self defense to ages 7 through 55.
Delisha McNealy –  an Ace Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She specializes in martial arts based training with a history of training and competition in Taekwondo and Shotokan

Session is one month: 12 classes (3 days/week), payable by week or month. You can opt to only come 2x/week if that fits your finances.

Cost:  2x/week – $30

3x/week – $35

Monthly cost – $130

(Please note: though you have the option to pay per week, the class is for one month)

To Sign Up For Session I, Click Here

**Print and sign waiver to bring to first class. Participants under 18 must have guardian permission:** Waiver