Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our FAQ's

How do I make an appointment?
Check the schedule page for upcoming classes and workshops and get contact info for our trainers.

What are your hours of operation?”
There are no set hours. Each trainer and therapist chooses their own times and you may contact us if you have a special request.

What payment methods are accepted?”
Cash, checks, and credit cards are all accepted.

Where can I park?”
There’s free on-street parking after 9 am. You can also use the parking lot of the “Hanger” next door at the corner of Broadway and Barret.

What should I wear?”
It depends on what you’re doing.
Personal Training: Dress to sweat and stretch!
Massage Therapy: Come as you are; you will be covered with a sheet and blanket. You are also welcome to wear/bring athletic shorts if that’s more comfortable for you.
Physical Therapy/Dy Needling: Athletic wear is suggested but a sheet and blanket will keep you covered.

What should I bring with me?”
A water bottle, perhaps a change of clothes, and any pertinent medical paperwork.

Is there a place to store my personal items?”
We recommend that you bring personal items in with you. They can remain in your sight.

Do you have memberships?”
Nope. We believe personal training provides a level of activity that’s both safer and more beneficial. But check back, we might work something out 🙂