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Project Fyt by Jordan Humphries now available. Click Link To Find out More

January Events

Self Defense Class Session I Tuesday and Friday 6:00 p.m, Saturday 11:30 a.m This self defense class will meet 3 days /week for a month. We will address awareness, fears, situational defenses, and other important aspects relating to self defense. Check Self Defense page on Dec. 21 for information concerning fees and Gift Certificates.

UseTa’ Coulds Comes to Day Time Tuesday, Thursday 10:00  Beginning January 8, UseTa’ Could Class will be held two days during the week as well as 3x/week in the evenings. Don’t know about UseTa’ Coulds? Check here.

“Fear Is A Liar…Self-Limitation vs.Self-Preservation”, Thursday, Jan. 24,  6:30 pm Begin an extraordinary evening by mingling, drinks, and appetizers, followed by a presentation by A Confident Broad, aka Diana Robinson. More details soon. Mark your calendar!

Saturday, Jan. 26, 12:00 Foam Rolling and Stretching Workshop Injuries often occur because we don’t pay attention to an important part of muscle care — rolling and stretching. Maybe not the sexy part of working out, it’s a most important element in maximizing your efficiency. Come spend 2 hours learning basics. $20 for youth athletes, $25 for adults

Power Flow Yoga Class, Saturday, Jan. 26, 10:00 am Yoga is here!! Start your Saturday with breathing, meditation, movement to relieve stress, build stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Coming in February

More Yoga!

How to Effectively use Foam Roller and Therapy Balls to Prevent Injury and Move Better!


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