Tae Bo

Tae Bo®

with Delisha McNealy

When: Wednesday, 6:30 pm, Saturday, 10:00 am

Cost: Try Out Class $5, Drop in $10, Monthly $50

Tae Bo® blends your hidden strength with the ancient arts of self-defense, dance, and boxing combined with today’s great music. Tae Bo® is  unlike any workout program you’ve ever tried before!!

Because of the movements it involves, Tae Bo improves ones balance, flexibility, coordination, as well as having cardiovascular benefits. By creating a hybrid of Tae Kwon Do and boxing, Billy Blanks created a system that creates Total Awareness of Excellent Body Obedience.

Take advantage of a system that is fun while kicking and punching the air, and dancing. You’ll become conditioned in spite of yourself!

Call Delisha for more information. 502.554.5708

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