Brick by Brick Boot Camp

Brick “FIT” Camp

Brick Training utilizes a 3 day a week training split, consisting of total body workouts with movement emphasis on Upper Body, Lower Body, or Total Body type movements.  Combining resistance, agility (cardio), cross fit, circuit training styles, Brick Camp places specific importance on types of effort, Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, and Repetition effort methods depending on the specific exercise and its location in the workout script.  The Brick Camp workouts are designed to be no longer in duration than 60 minutes and are to be done in a highly organized-high intensity fashion with Ed West calling out the start of each set, and being in command of rest times throughout the workout.  Therefore, if you seek to loss-weight, increase strength, tone & tighten, or you are simply looking for a challenge and have fun doing it, then this is the camp for you.