Elizabeth Brodfuehrer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Elizabeth Brodfuehrer


Make an online appointment with ElizabethElizabeth is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in pain management and injury treatment/prevention.  Since starting her own business in 2011, Elizabeth has worked with Uof L athletics in three sports including men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and men’s baseball and is currently the Bellarmine Knights Men’s Basketball Therapist.  With ties to the local running and triathlon groups she has worked with all levels of couch potatoes, weekend warriors, and endurance athletes as well as those beginning fitness routines for the first time in their lives.

I’ve dabbled in a little bit of every sport and just love being outside.  Don’t be surprised when I use words like “foam rolling” and “postural analysis”, it just means I love what I do and want to see you able to live your daily life without thought of chronic or acute pain!

Home City: Louisville baby!
Education: Advanced Massage Therapeutics 2007

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