Sharon N. Hughes

Sharon Hughes

Sharon discovered yoga while battling health issues 15 years ago. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2008. Practicing in five countries, she has never looked back. In over 10 years, she has practiced Vinyasa, Core Strength, Hot Yoga, and many westernized fusion flows. The desire to deepen the practice and learn yoga’s history, and full meaning beyond the poses took her to India to the school of Shiva Tattva where she became a 300 hr certified yoga instructor in Hatha. Her teaching style incorporates breathing and meditation as the core to build internal heat and focus, along with the gentle and nurturing aspects of Hatha with power poses of Vinyasa in a melodic flow. She creates a calm, safe, and open space for students of beginner to intermediate level, of all sizes and confidence levels to flow, mindfully, incorporating proper alignment, strength, toning, and stretching for a balanced practice. Yoga changed her life, physically, spiritually, and mentally and she believes we live and learn to teach and enjoys sharing her story and yoga training with others in a small effort to help the world heal.

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